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Mov2Day Presents: Tips for Moving Out of State

A new job prospect, a fresh start, year-round sunshine, the reasons someone may choose to make an out of state move are varied. What isn’t varied are the steps that everyone needs to take when moving out of state.

Tips for Moving Out of State

Organize your move

Create a calendar. Fill it with strict “do buy” dates as well as reminders for the little things. Among the items on your calendar we suggest:

• Date to have everything packed
• Changing your address, drivers license and license plate
• Cancel any subscriptions you may have (newspaper, local businesses, etc.)
• Transferring your online bill payment to your new address
• Disconnect your utilities

Budget for your move

If you are driving a long distance you may need to stay overnight at a hotel. Refueling (for both your vehicle and your stomach) need to be considered. You may also need to think about flight costs, but moving costs will take up the bulk of your moving budget. Contact moving companies near you as soon as you can to find out how much your moving costs will be.

Pack for your move

The first step in packing for your move is determining what you want to take with you. Consider this an opportunity for an impromptu spring cleaning. Moving costs are going to be your biggest expense, and the less you decide to take, the more you may be able to save.

Be smart about the moving process. Pack inessentials first. Items you have in storage should go first. Then pack your larger items, leaving the small stuff last. Remember when packing to leave enough clothes, hygiene products, to transition to your new home. Phones and chargers, laptops, wallets, medications, and other items you need on a daily basis should be labeled for traveling with you during your move.

Professional moving companies offer packing services to insure your personal items arrive safely at their new destination. Packing, dissembling, unpacking, and reassembling your items can cause additional stress on your move. The right moving company can relieve that stress.

Alright, you’re almost ready to move, just one more step:

Hire Out of State Movers

Good movers will be able to move you to states close to you home state within 48 hours. Mov2Day can organize your move out of state move from Florida to Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee within that 48-hour window.

If you live in Florida and are looking for professional out of state movers just take a look around. There’s a good chance you’ve seen our fleet of Mov2Day trucks around Naples, Bonita Springs, Sarasota, and Fort Myers. Ask your friends, and read reviews, and make sure you are dealing with licensed Florida movers.