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Moving Checklist for the Day of Your Move

Everything is packed and you’re ready to go. An exciting new chapter is beginning, and Mov2Day is here to start it off right. Below you will find our Moving Day Checklist. Everything you need to make sure your new adventure begins on the right foot.

Moving Day Checklist

Picking Up Items

Make sure you are present during the move. As your movers begin to load up the truck questions may arise, be sure you are there to answer them properly.
Read those documents Your movers may ask you to sign paperwork, read through it carefully before signing.

Have those signed documents on hand If something happens during your move you may need those documents you just signed. Keep them close-by and don’t throw them away until your move is over and you have had a chance to unpack and inspect everything.

Double check all rooms Before your movers pull out of the driveway make sure that you look through all the rooms one more time to make sure they didn’t miss anything. Be sure to check cabinets and closets.

Give directions to the driver Save time and confusion by confirming that your movers know exactly where they are heading.

Make sure the driver has your contact info. Confirm with your movers that they have your mobile number in the event need to call you for any reason. If your movers are headed to a gated community be sure that they have the entrance code, or inform security of their arrival.

Unloading Items

Be there to answer questions and give directions. Save time by informing your movers what boxes go to each room.

Supervise unloading and unpacking Trust us, you want to make sure that solid wood dresser makes it upstairs before the movers leave.

Note any damages Any large visible damages should be reported to your movers immediately.

Follow our Moving Day Checklist and your next move should go off without a hitch. If you have any questions give us a call.