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A flower in bloom while you are moving during spring and summer in South West Florida | Mov2Day Blog
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Moving During the Summer – What you should know

We’re entering the summer months here in South West Florida. The sunbirds start heading back up north, and while our year-round residents find some relief in the less-congested roadways, the heat is on its way.  Temperatures in the mid to high 80s are here, and it’s likely we’ll see some days reach the 90s before the month is out.

Hot as it is, many people choose to move during these months. Young families find it easier to move when the kids are out of school for the summer, because they don’t have to contend with packing moving boxes at the same time as lunch boxes. Deals on apartments can be found around Naples during the summer months, and when you find a great new place at an unbeatable price, a summer move just has to happen. It is also common for military personal to move during the summer months.

Keep reading to discover our best advice for summer moves. We want your move to go as smoothly as possible so you can spend more time at the beach and less time on your move.

1. Plan ahead.
Schedule your movers as soon as possible because there will be plenty of other people looking to hire moving trucks as well as a team of movers. Our before your move checklist has plenty of tips.

2. Move midweek. This is often the least busy time of the week. In the Naples and Fort Myers areas especially, the roads are packed as people head to the beach and other south west Florida attractions on the weekends.

3. Pack smart. We recommend reading our blog about how to label your boxes.

4. Don’t take the heat for granted. This is probably the most important thing to think about for your summer move. The majority of moving trucks do not have air conditioning in the storage section. Anything that has the potential to melt or be affected by the heat should be moved in an air conditioned vehicle. Candles, cds, video tapes, crayons, cold foods, electronics such as computers and phones should all be moved in air conditioned spaces.

Even if your move is short distance don’t risk it. Traffic or an unforeseen fender bender could have your items in the heat for longer than you expect.

5. And speaking of not taking the heat for granted. Make sure to turn on the electricity at your new place before your move, and don’t cancel the a/c at your old place until after. You will want air conditioning on both ends.

6. Be considerate of your movers. Provide them with plenty of water and be understanding if they need breaks from the heat. Remember, you only have to move once, these guys are moving every day this summer.

7. Make accommodations for your children and pets. Ask a family member or trusted friend to look after your little ones during the move. Keeping them safe and cool is, after all, the most important aspect of your summer move.

We hope this advice helps to make your summer move as simple as possible. If you live or are looking to move to South West Florida give us a call. Our movers are available all summer long.