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How to label your moving boxes | Mov2Day Blog
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Learn how to label your moving boxes like a pro

Mov2Day helps you master your move

We’ve all got our systems. How to fold your socks. Over the cuff, military style, in pile on the floor. How to organize your bills. How to take notes.  Each system is different because they work for us. Unfortunately, when you are preparing for a move you can’t just think about a system that works for you.

Roommates, family members, friends, and hired movers are all going to need to be able to understand your labeling system. A confused, disorganized system is going to cost time and money, two things your don’t ever want to lose.

Our labeling tips should help you create a fool-proof system for labeling your moving boxes that everyone can understand. When everyone involved in your move knows what’s in the boxes, where they go, and how they should be handled you can expect a smooth move.

Tips for labeling your moving boxes

1. Prepare

Have everything you need on hand. Labeling materials such as markers or pens, packing tape and scissors should be at the ready. Cover your bases and have more than one of each so you won’t have to waste time searching for the marker that rolled under the couch.

2. Invest in quality markers

You want to use labeling pens or markers that won’t smear and are permanent and waterproof.

3. Write Clearly

Now isn’t the time to impress everyone with your majestic cursive writing ability. Write in large, clear lettering.

4. Labels

Whether you purchase them from your moving company, or simply download them off the internet, moving labels come with certain info (like the room) already filled out. This saves time, leaving you to just fill out the contents of the box.


Make sure anything valuable or fragile is clearly labeled

6. Keep track of your boxes

Create a list of how many boxes you have for each room

7. 3 of 6

Always label 2 sides and the top of your moving boxes

8. Cover

Use clear packing tape to cover your labels. This helps keep them from falling off or damaged by the elements.

Looking to master moving organization?

Try these moving box labeling tips for intense organization

Create a color code system. Use different colored markers for different rooms. You can even go deeper down the organization rabbit hole and purchase matching colored tape.

Not into color codes? Consider a number system. Label your boxes by number and room, then create a master list describing what is in each box.

Design your own moving labels – This one may be for the hardcore organizers, but it gives you the ability to completely customize your move

If you live in the Naples, Fort Myers, or Sarasota Florida area Mov2Day can help you pack for your move. We’ve got the moving supplies and labeling know-how to get you properly and safely packed for your short or long distance move. Contact us today to inquire about our packing and moving rates.