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Preparing for warehouse storage in Naples, Florida | Mov2Day Blog
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Preparing your stuff for warehouse storage.

Step 1: Choose your storage facility.

Storage facilities can essentially be grouped into two options: self-storage and moving company storage.

Self-storage: Like the word implies, this option means you’re going to be doing most of the storage yourself. This includes packing, moving, storing, and determining how much space you will need.

Moving Company Storage: Choose to have a moving company store your items and you will have the option of packing your items, or your moving company should be able to do so for you.

Step 2: Strategize.

Self-storage: Think about how you will organize your items in self-storage. For example, if you plan to keep Christmas or holiday décor in storage, don’t pack it in the back of your unit.

Moving Company Storage: This is where the advantage is with moving company storage. You will not need to worry too much about how your items will be stored.

Step 3: Label you Boxes.

Labeling your storage boxes will require your input no matter what storage option you choose. Your storage company may have their own labeling process, but you should also label your boxes in a way that makes the most sense to you. Want to learn how to label your moving boxes like a pro? 

Step 4: Pack it up.

Self-storage: Choosing the self-storage option means you will need to pack your items yourself. Read our DIY packing tips for more help.

Moving Company Storage: You can choose to have your movers pack your items for warehouse storage. This helps to ensure that your items are packed safely.

Step 5: Move your items to the storage unit.

Self-storage: You have 2 options. The first is moving all your items yourself. The second is hiring a moving company to transport them. Some moving companies have rules that prohibit this service, so always be clear with your movers about what you need them to do.

Moving Company Storage: If a moving company is handling your storage, then it’s time to relax. Your movers will take it from here.

Warehouse Storage in Naples, Florida

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