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Saving Money on Your Long-Distance Move | Mov2Day Blog
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Saving Money on Your Long-Distance Move

Long distance moves can often be very expensive. Travel costs and time expenses have many of us looking for ways to save money on long distance moves. That is why we’ve collected some options to consider to when trying to lower the cost of a long-distance move.

Pack Yourself

Hiring professional movers to pack your belongings for a move is the best way to ensure your items arrive safely to their new destination, but sometimes the expense is too much. If a long-distance move is forcing you to pinch pennies, packing yourself can save you money, but not time.

Additionally, look around for free boxes as you prepare for your move. Grocery stores will often give you boxes for free if they have them, but you need to find out when the stock team is working and time your arrival.

Remember: If you do not purchase boxes designed specifically for moving, always be aware of their construction. If you are using a box from the grocery store that contained cereal, it may not be designed to carry the weight of your old college textbooks.

In a pinch, newspapers can serve as packing material, but the ink can often transfer onto your items. Valuable items will need to be wrapped in an additional protective layer to avoid staining. Other options for impromptu packing material include: blankets, rags, and towels, even socks.

Only Take the Essentials

We’re not talking about milk, bread, and water here. The more items you need to move, the more it will cost. To save money, only take what you absolutely must-have and can’t replace.

A garage sale can purge unwanted items and help you collect some additional funds for your move. Also consider donating items to a charitable organization and you may be able to claim a tax deduction.

Ready to Move

All right, so you’ve filtered down your items to the essentials, and you’ve packed yourself as carefully as possible. If this was a short distance move, and you wanted to save money, we would suggest asking your friends to help. Unfortunately, even the best of friends are probably not going to be able to arrange enough time to help move you long distance.

You’ve saved and scrimped on all the prep work, but when it comes to moving your items, we always suggest leaving that to the professional long-distance movers. After all, if you have decided to only take irreplaceable, must-have items, you really need them to arrive safely. Movers can even provide valuation coverage to protect you should an accident occur. Most importantly, they have the experience and professionalism required to complete your move successfully.

Be smart about the movers you hire

When searching for movers always be sure to speak with more than one moving company to help discover the best deal. Be sure to discover the exact cost, including additional fees such as fuel. Confirm that your moving company also provides long and short term storage in case there is an unexpected hiccup with your move-in date.

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