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How to pack and store your photos and heirlooms for a move | Mov2Day Blog
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Packing What Really Matters

How to pack and store your photos and heirlooms for a move

Let’s face it, no matter how well we schedule, plan, and prepare there’s always a last minute something that pops up during your move. Hopefully it’s a good hiccup in your plans, something like, we got done packing earlier than expected, but we didn’t plan where to eat! If that’s your dilemma we suggest tacos every time. However, there are certain aspects to packing that you never want to scramble through, and at the top of that list is packing your irreplaceable items in a frantic last-minute rush.
How to pack family photographs, heirlooms, and antiques

Protecting photos during your move

  • Sunlight, humidity, and temperature can all affect photographs. Consider the environment your photographs will be in during your move. As a general rule, your photos should be stored in 65F – 70F temperatures.
  • Do not attach post-its or any other adhesive material to your photos
  • Many photo boxes are also full of newspaper clippings. You will want to keep those separate from photos because the ink can cause damage.
  • Use this opportunity to get your photos out of those dusty cardboard boxes and into photo albums with acid-free pages.
  • Pack family photographs, videos, slides and negatives in separate cartons rather than combining them with other household items.
  • If possible, carry irreplaceable items with you to destination.

Make digital copies of your photos

Take the time to build a digital library of your photos. This not only helps protect against any unforeseen accidents both during the move and in storage, but it’s also a great way to easily access cherished memories in the future. There are many digital storage options including USB Drives, hard drive, Google Drive, Facebook just to name a few.

Packing framed photographs

Sometimes, even the frame for your photo holds sentimental value. If you are planning on a DIY packing project wrap your frames in padding material and use cushioning materials to keep them tightly and softly secured. Always stand framed photos on their sides in quality packing boxes and label them as fragile.
Additionally, many professional moving companies can custom build specialty crates for the security and transportation of your framed photos, artwork, and mirrors.

Packing Grandma’s figurines and your Star Wars collection

The best packing for figurines is always the original packaging, but if you don’t have that on hand begin by wrapping your figures in tissue paper, paper towels, or plain facial tissue. A second layer of wrapping can be newsprint or packing paper that has been crushed and then flattened out. If you are using newsprint make sure it is not touching your items directly, as the ink may transfer.

Hiring a professional mover

Reliable movers can offer the best option for a household move that protects your priceless memories and valuables. If you live in the Naples, Fort Myers, and Sarasota area and are looking for movers, we invite you to contact Mov2Day.