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How to Pack Your Electronics for a Move

Laptops , and smartphones and ipads, oh my!

There is no denying that technology impacts our lives in a big way. And when it comes to a move, your electronics need to be properly packed and arrive safely to your new home or business. Below you will find tips to hopefully help you move your electronics with ease.


Technology = cords. If you don’t organize as you disassemble you are going to find yourself in quite a tangle when it is times to put everything back together. Until we find a way to go completely cordless, it is important to have a packing system. There are many ways to organize, and if you have found on that works for you, stick with it.

For us, we have found that the most fool proof method is a combo of color coding and packing prowess. Use colored stickers to mark the cord, as well as the place where it connects to the device. Once everything has been accounted for, neatly wrap your wires and pack them with your device.


If you have saved your product manuals, pat yourself on the back and consult your manual for advice on the packing and storage of your electronics. If you “misplaced” your manual you can visit the manufacturers website for advice.

If you saved the original boxes for your products, use them. You will be hard-pressed to find a box that fits your item as well as the one it was intended for. However, there’s a good chance you did not save your original box and packaging. You will need strong, sturdy boxes, packing paper, clear packing tape, scissors, and markers.label-moving-boxes-cta

You can wrap your items in packing paper, but for an extra layer of safety consider using towels, sheets, moving pads, blankets, and the like for added protection. If your items will be in storage for a long time be sure to tightly tape your boxes. Dust can be harmful to electronics, and you will want to keep it out.

Consider the elements

The Florida heat is no joke, and technological devices are not immune to the effects of heat damage. Take special care with electronics during your move. This means proper labeling of boxes so you don’t accidentally leave your laptop in a box in the hot sun while you take a pizza break in the air conditioning.

Additionally, if you plan on using storage, confirm that the climate conditions of your storage are able to handle your specific needs. If you are not sure that your items may be affected by heat, check your owner’s manual, or call the manufacturer.

Safe guards

Before you move, take the time to backup all of your files, photos, and anything else that you could lose if your electronics are damaged or misplaced. If you only need to save photographs, a USB drive may be enough, but if you need to to backup everything on your computer, a portable hard drive is a good option. You can also consider saving it to the cloud as well.

Another safe guard to think about is theft. Technology is often some of the more valuable items you will move, and while it can be replaced easier than a family heirloom, theft of something like your computer can cause a lot of problems to your online security. If you have smaller items like tablets and laptops, you may want to consider moving them yourself in your safe (and air conditioned) car. If you are concerned about theft you can always label them conspicuously, and be sure to sign out of any personal accounts before packing.

If you are overwhelmed by thought of packing your electronics, give Mov2Day a call. We provide residential and commercial moving and packing services to southwest Florida and beyond.