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Last Minute Moving? Tips for packing quickly.

Sure, most people plan weeks in advance for their move, but not you. You’re at the cutting edge of a life lived in the moment. When the really organized start planning and packing for their move eight weeks in early, you’re perfecting your golf swing. When most of us start packing at 4 weeks before our move, you’re taking cooking lessons. At two weeks? Dinner on the town. At one week? You’re ready to pack.

Luckily, we’re here to give you a few tips to keep you organized and speed things along. And don’t worry, we’ll make it quick.

Tips for Last Minute Moving

Gather your packing materials

To save money we often suggest hunting down used boxes from your friends, work, and even stores. However, this is last minute moving, which means we’re suggesting a one stop shop for moving materials – a local moving company. Along with boxes, remember to stock up on heavy duty garbage bags, packing paper, sharpies, and packing tape. Many moving companies will deliver packing supplies to your door.

Start Calling in those favors

Last minute moves usually require a few cashed in favors. However, if you have fragile, irreplaceable items move them yourself with care, or you could always. . .

Hire Last Minute Movers

The best option for a last-minute move is hiring last minute movers. Reputable movers are ready for anything, and that means offering full service moving options. They can assist with packing, disassemble your furniture for the move, and reassemble at your destination. They can even hang paintings and mount your TVs.

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Sort your stuff into 3 categories:

1. Keeping it – Packing boxes
2. Donating it – Most non-profits will even pick up your donations
3. Throwing it away – Garbage Bags

Just get rid of it

Don’t be one of those last-minute movers stuffing everything into boxes thinking you will sort it out at your new location. The worst way to make a fresh start in your new home is by brining everything you don’t want who you. We’re fans of getting rid of unwanted stuff. Also, being pro-purge means less time spent packing unwanted items

When you should not rush

Any fragile or valuable should be handled with care. We highly suggest taking the time to securely wrap fragile items in the proper packing materials.

Label the important boxes

Even if you don’t have time to label every box, label the boxes that will be important. If you will need the items in a box as soon as you arrive at your new home, be sure to label it accordingly. Also, label any boxes that contain fragile items.

If the stress of a last-minute move is too much for you to handle, call Mov2Day. Give us as little as 24 hours’ notice for local moves and we can help make your move a little easier.

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